Here you may read about the longest catacombs in the world, located in Odessa, Ukraine. Get to know what you may see there.
Catacombs in Odessa
Catacombs in Odessa

odessa-catacombsMake the trip to the Catacomb Museum that is located just outside the city in the village of Nerubayskoye the museum tells how during World War II, the Ukrainian partisans used the tunnels as a base from which to attack the occupying Nazi troops.

Most of people call Odessa’s underground “The catacombs”. One of the most famous catacombs in the world, Odessa catacombs is full of legends (one of them says that many years ago one sailor left inside his gold).

Any exploration of Odessa would not be complete without a visit to the labyrinth of catacombs which thread about 2,500 kilometers under the city and its environs, and made good hideouts for World War II partisans.

Odessa catacombs were created during the period of the city construction over 200 years ago. Located in Nerubaiske village, they were created during mining materials that were used to build the city. Currently it is the labyrinth with hundreds of entrances, exits, caves, and tunnels.

Through the World War II, in 1941, when German and Romanian army occupied Odessa, the Soviet Military headquarters ordered to organize the partisan resistance. And they have chosen Odessa catacombs as the camp for the partisans. There were enough of provisions and weapons to stay in this underground rebel place for half a year. And the partisans were fighting with Nazi and Romanian army all through the period of occupation.

There is a museum in the shade of the underground vault, which guards the mysteries of the past. Nothing has changed there since the WWII.

Rome boasts of its famous catacombs as well as Paris. However, the city with the largest network of underground tunnels is undoubtedly Odessa, Ukraine.

Nowadays, a small portion of the tunnels remain open to the public as a museum dedicated to the partisan efforts.

But the remaining kilometers, however, are an alluring attraction if you can ditch the tour and find your way in. And be sure to take a big skein of thread to find your way out.