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Malta Catacombs
Malta Catacombs
saint-agathaIn the times of Roman rule in Malta, Christians created resting places for the body until the resurrection. These places became commonly known as catacombs.

The underground cemeteries with long corridors dug out of the rock, and graves cut out, as required, on either side of them, were located around Mdina, the capital of the Island in that times, as in Roman times people were not allowed to bury their dead inside the cities.

Maltese Church continued to increase and the Christians of those times wished to remain near their dead so that they could be with them after death, to wait together with them for the resurrection. At the entry of most catacombs there was a round love table with slanting sides where the dead body was blessed before burial.

That’s why the catacombs were enlarged, grouped and more were dug to receive all members of the families.

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