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Tatlarin Underground Settlement
Tatlarin Underground Settlement
tatlarinThe settlement is located on the hill named “Citadel” in the village of Tatlarin, 10 km north of Acigol, in the province of Nevsehir.

It was first discovered in 1975 and in 1991 it was opened up for visiting. Also there are plenty of churches near the citadel; however, most of them have collapsed due to natural causes. Though the original entrance of the underground settlement was destroyed, two places in the west provide access to the underground settlement. This settlement extends over a large area; though, only a small part of it has been opened. Only two floors are open for visiting.

This place was rather garrison or monastery complex than an underground settlement, as the size of the spaces, the number of the storage rooms and churches are rather great. A curving corridor, 15 m long, leads from the entrance to a large rectangular area. In order to control access to the underground settlement, there is a millstone door at the entrance, which has a hole in the center and is 1.5 m in diameter. In a place, called a “dungeon” by the locals, that was hollowed out inside the niches on the right, three skeletons were found. There is a cellar/kitchen to the right of this main place, where the toilets are also found. It was supposedly used as a graveyard in the Roman Era and as a cellar in the Byzantine Period.

At the second entrance the stable is located. It is a large area supported by columns, and it was definitely used as a storage room before. You may also explore five storage rooms on the floor of this area. There is a ventilation shaft on the ceiling reaching the other spaces in the underground settlement. A narrow passage connects the first and the second large areas. There is a millstone door in this zigzag shaped corridor to close the entrance and a trap as well.