Know more about Ozkonak Underground Settlement and its characteristics. Find out what is special about this site and its distinguishing features.
Ozkonak Underground Settlement
Ozkonak Underground Settlement
ozkonakThis underground city is the center of the town of Ozkonak, located in 4 km north of Avanos and hollowed out into the west slopes of the Idis Dagi with the tufa layers found.

Even though it has only one floor, it covers a large area and the spaces are connected to each other with tunnels. There are also very long and narrow holes enable communication between the levels. In case the entries of chambers were closed, ventilation was done with the help of those narrow, just 5 cm in diameter and long holes.

There are also small holes just in front of the millstone doors, on the ceiling of the tunnels, which were made to pour hot oil on the enemy, or to spear them.

There also were a ventilation shaft, a well a winery and millstone doors.