Consider information about Area 51 and supposed activities that take place there. Find out more about one of the top secret military bases in the world.
Area 51
Area 51

area51-entranceArea 51, also known as Dreamland, is a military facility and lies near Groom Lake, Nevada, about 95 miles north of Las Vegas.

Its existence is denied by the government agencies and contractors that have connections there. Officially the place doesn't exist.

On the photos of Area 51 there are just small buildings and hangars, it is considered that the installations has underground bases. Groom Lake base is thought to be just surface window-dressing. And the real one is underground and it is actually there the researches take place.

The base was used for ground testing for top-secret military aircraft such as the U-2, SR-71, and F117A. There were also test flights of captured foreign aircraft, such as the MIG-21, and for testing the Stealth B-2 bomber. But what is being tested there now?

Recently, rumors have circulated that the reconstructed alien craft from Roswell was being back-engineered and test flown at a site just south of Area 51 known as Area S4, near Papoose Dry Lake. Numerous people have witnessed test flights of vehicles from outer space.

A man named Bob Lazar contacted Las Vegas television station in 1998 and claimed that he had been working on an UFO research project at Area 51. He said that he had been employed for the purpose of "reverse engineering" alien flying saucers. He supposed that nine of those disc-shaped craft were flown from a highly secure facility S-4. area51

Strange sightings are so numerous near Area 51, that the isolated stretch of route 375 near the base was officially called "The Extraterrestrial Highway" in April of 1996 by Nevada Gov. Bob Miller.

Here are some alternative activities claimed to be underway at Area 51.
1) Storage, examination, and back-engineering of alien craft (as well as material apparently recovered at Roswell), the research of their occupants (living and dead), and the construction of aircraft based on alien technology.

2) Joint undertakings and/or meetings with extraterrestrials.

3) Elaboration of exotic energy weapons or means of weather control.

4) The study and development of time travel technology.