Check out information about Sedona, Arizona and its unusual features. Here you may read about unexplained paranormal experiences in Sedona.
Sedona, Arizona
Sedona, Arizona
ancient-sedonaSedona is a charming place with marvelous red rock formations and a stark, fascinating splendor that is replicated nowhere else on earth. The place is also known as a spiritual Mecca and has been a sacred spot for the Indians for thousands of years. And really, visitors to the enormous formations almost always go back with the feeling that the entire area is somehow "different" and almost fantastic. In addition to that amazing celestial displays, it is some of the most frequent and convincing UFO sightings on earth, and thousands of reports of various kinds of spiritual and paranormal experiences by visitors. Sedona is one of the most truly intriguing supernatural places on earth.

It is likely that the rock formations themselves at Sedona play a big part in what is happening in the neighborhood. They are sandstone and contain iron, granite, and traces of copper, sliver, and gold. They actually could be a natural electromagnetic conductors, it is a natural formation that could amplify electricity and then discharge it, creating an electromagnetic vortex that affects the vicinity in a clear way. And again this electrical discharge is of a frequency or resonance capable of affecting the human psyche. And the main question - could this configuration perhaps open doors to other dimensions, either physically or mentally? 
The town is commonly considered one of the major power centers on earth, and is listed right up with the pyramids in Egypt, Stonehenge, and Easter Island.  The main lures here are Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Boynton Canyon, and Secret Canyon.  Bell rock is noteworthy for the theory that it is a portal to other dimensions, and anomalous electrical readings actually have been scientifically recorded there.  There are four supposed whirlpools all in close vicinity to each other, and this fact likely magnifies the entire paranormal phenomena and experience.
If you find yourself in the southwest area, do visit Sedona and find out everything for yourself.  And if you are interested in spiritual growth, UFO's, other dimensions, or supernatural and paranormal study, Sedona is a must-see for you.