Here you may learn about one of the most unique and touching museums in the world - Museum of Temporary Art. Consider what you can see there and its location.
Museum of Temporary Art
Museum of Temporary Art

At the Museum of Temporary Art you get the overall idea quickly, but never know what to expect around the next corner.

So what is the Museum of Temporary Art about? It's basically a collection of 33 objects no larger than 4x4x8cm (not quite 2x2x3in), along with a description, comments, or notes on its origins that you provide, stored in home of the organizer, Debby Rebsch, in one of those plastic organizers with 33 small drawers. The plan is that by linking the objects to a recollection or story this will add to their actual value far beyond the materialistic one. And that the museum gives such apparently meaningless objects the platform they deserve. Those object become the Temporary Art.

There you will encounter such international treasures as a subverted Belgian tobacco packet, a mini-tube of Chinese toothpaste "dipped in encaustic," and two American jingle bells on a bright green string. The list reveals the gallery's global reach: Canadian Diane Bertrand donated an "accordeon" paper fold; the Kamperelics of Serbia contributed an assemblage titled "Sex is everywhere!"; and Chaslyn Duffek, from the US, sent in a raffle ticket/sinus pill/penny collage called "Spring cleaning."

And if you want to participate in the Museum of Temporary Art (and it's open to anyone) you need to download the exhibit sheet at the site and post it with your piece of temporary art.

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