Find out about the Beverage Containers and Advertising Museum. Check out what you can see there, museumís open hours as well as its location and contact details.
Beverage Containers-n-Advertising Museum
Beverage Containers-n-Advertising Museum

coke-adThe Museum of Beverage Containers & Advertising is located about 15 minutes north of Nashville on Interstate Highway 65. When there you'll think you've traveled back in time to days when there were no super highways and Burma Shave signs dotted the landscape. Take the kids with you; they'll have a wonderful time!

In 1987 the official ribbon cutting ceremony and grand opening celebration of the museum was held. It began as a young boy picking up beer cans off the side of the road and now it is the world's largest combined soda and beer can collection.

Numberless soda bottles and antique advertising signs fill the museum shelves and upstairs loft. Set in logical categories are more than 36,000 beverage cans and signs of all shapes, sorts, and sizes. There is not only the first beer can made, but the first soda can, odd-shaped cans, pop-top cans, and cans shaped in every conceivable size and honoring sports figures, pets, politicians, movie stars, television performers, cartoon characters, and much more. Lots of appropriate historic advertising pieces supplement the collection and each display includes detailed descriptions of each exhibit.

Additionally to the major exhibits, the gift shop sells antique bottles and cans, signs, trays, glasses, steins, coasters, matchbook covers, and bottle caps. Do not miss climbing the stairway to the upstairs attic area. Ask the location of the stairway to the attic/loft. The stuff there will amaze you.

The Museum of Beverage Containers & Advertising,
1055 Ridgecrest Drive, Goodlettsville,
TN 37072

Phone: 615-859-5263

Open Hours: Monday through Saturday 9 to 5 and Sunday 1 to 5