Our world is full of discoveries. The offered list of unusual museums will show you how different the discovery can be!
Unusual Museums

discoveryMuseums are great tourist attractions, and at the same time you can discover something or look at the world you know from absolutely another angle. Wondering what are the most interesting and unusual museums of the present? Below you will find information about the most odd, original, unique and grandiose museums of our the world.

Beverage Containers-n-Advertising Museum
Find out about the Beverage Containers and Advertising Museum. Check out what you can see there, museumís open hours as well as its location and contact details.
Fairbanks Ice Museum
Check out information about Fairbanks Ice Museum, its temporary collections, opening hours and location.
International Spy Museum
Get information about International Spy Museum in Washington D.C. Keep in mind the museumís location, open hours and admission.
Museu de l'Erotica
Look through the information about Museu de l'Erotica that was founded in Spain. You may also read about museumís open hours, location and its exhibitions.
Museu del Perfum
Read about Museu del Perfum located in Spain. Consider the information about its collections, location and open hours.
Museum of Bad Art
Read about the Museum of Bad Art, "too bad to be ignored". Find out about its location and main displays.
Museum of Funeral Customs
In case you want to learn more about the funeral customs you should visit Museum of Funeral Customs, and here you may read about the museumís exposition, open hours and location.
Museum of Temporary Art
Here you may learn about one of the most unique and touching museums in the world - Museum of Temporary Art. Consider what you can see there and its location.
Museum Plagiarius
Here you will find some information on Museum Plagiarius. Consider its location and main expositions.
Mutter Museum
Here is the information about one of the most incredible museums in the world dedicated to a human body - Mutter Museum. Learn about its location.
Psychiatry Museum
Consider the information about psychiatry museum exhibition. Learn more about the violation of human rights in this field of medicine.
Royal Air Force Museum
Consider the information about Royal Air Force Museum that boasts some of the most enormous expositions in the world. Read about its opening hours, admission and location.
The Icelandic Phallological Museum
Here you may read about The Icelandic Phallological Museum - one of the most original museums in the world dedicated to anatomy and zoology. Learn about its location, open hours and exhibitions.
The Salt Museum
Find out more about The Salt Museum in Great Britain. Check the admission, amenities, open hours and museumís location.