Here you may find information about Acre Underground Prisoners Memorial Museum in Israel. Read about its location and main attractions.
Acre Memorial Museum
Acre Memorial Museum

acre-memorialAddress: Acre Fortress, 10 Hahagana Road, Acre, Israel
Phone: (+972) 4-991-8265

Location: Acre, Israel

Highlights: British prison that incarcerated leaders of Israel's independence movement.

It was built as a palace for Ottoman-era rulers and became a prison under the British Mandate that governed Palestine between World War I and Israeli independence in 1948. It is the place where Jews and Arabs, criminals and political prisoners, including members of the Zionist Hagana during the 1920s, and later members of the Irgun and Lehi (Stern Group) were inprisoned. In May, 1947, Acre Prison attracted worldwide attention, when a daring raid freed 29 members of the Irgun and Lehi gave impetus to the creation of the Jewish state. The museum, located just outside Haifa, covers the history of Acre — the Crusaders' home base for 100 years — the fortress and the prison experience.