Learn more about the most famous prison museums all over the world. Check out their highlights and location.
Famous Prisons

alcatrazHave you ever thought what happens to a prison after it has served its time? Numerous old, inefficient and reprehensible prisons have turned into tourist attractions that invite visitors behind bars to encounter several distinct varieties of experiences. Several prison museums follow an overt political agenda, frequently by exposing the inhumane depredations of a previous regime or foreign conquerors. Others try to make points about developments in the science of penology. And some mainly want visitors to have a creepy sort of good time. But what is common about such prisons is an implicit desire to scare straight potential miscreants and make guests aware that, however much they enjoy the experience, they're awfully lucky to be "just visiting".

Acre Memorial Museum
Alcatraz Island
Bridge of Sighs
Eastern State Prison
Fort Jesus Museum
Old Melbourne Gaol
Robben Island Museum
Seodaemun Prison
The Clink Prison
Ushuaia National Prison