Get to know about ghost towns around the globe. Consider the information about the most famous ghost towns and touring them.
Ghost Towns
ghost-town-toursAn abandoned, so-called ghost town usually appears because the economic activity that supported it has failed or because of natural or human-caused disasters. A ghost town may be partially abandoned like Tonopah, Nevada, USA or it may be a neighborhood where people no longer live (like Love Canal).

Some ghost towns have considerable economic activity from tourism, such as Oatman, Arizona, USA, or numerous sites in Egypt, but cannot sustain itself except by tourism. A real ghost town is totally abandoned, such as Bodie, California, USA, but this city often sees visitors.

A number of ghost towns are exciting tourist attractions, such as Kolmanskop and Elizabeth Bay, outside Lüderitz, Namibia, especially if that spot preserves interesting architecture. Many ghost towns may be overgrown, hard to reach, dangerous or illegal to visit.
Ghost Towns Around the Globe
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