Consider the information about one of the most exotic modern destination - Chornobyl and Prypiat, towns near the Chornobyl Nuclear Station. Check out the tips for visitors of the Exclusion Zone.
Chornobyl Sightseeing
Chornobyl Sightseeing
What you may see there:

nuclear-stationYou'll have no chance to get closer, but the nearest observation point will be about 100m from the fourth reactor sarcophagus. Though radiation levels here are much higher than elsewhere in the region, you won’t pick up a significant dose during your stay. Usual dose at the spot is likely to be about 0.5 - 0.9 micro-Roentgens/hour (winter), a bit higher in the summer.

Some tours include the visit of the scrap yard containing the irradiated emergency vehicles which tended the catastrophe. You will see a number of fire tenders, ambulances, trucks and helicopters in the vehicle graveyard. You'll not be permitted to come closer, as some of the vehicles are still carrying lethal doses of radiation. For photographic purposes you may use a viewing platform.

You will also visit the famous abandoned city, which once housed 49,000 residents. What you will see: the schools, kindergarten, public buildings and the amazing culture palace which contains a swimming pool, cinema and gymnasium, and overlooks the famous Ferris wheel. Be careful when going into the crumbling buildings, or walking decaying wooden floors in.

A great number of abandoned villages in the exclusion zone are extremely interesting to view: you'll see farmhouses, small cottages and plenty of vegetation. When entering any of these areas, be careful, as vegetation always has far higher levels of residual radioactivity than concreted areas.

Do not drink tap water in the area, as it remains unsafe, so stick to bottled water - which in Ukraine is predominantly sparkling.

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