Check out what the modern world can offer an enthusiastic tourist. Look through the most breathtaking sites to visit, which our urbanized culture will leave behind: Auschwitz, Chornobyl Exclusion Zone and various prison museums.
Nontrivial Modern Spots
ferris-wheelInterested to view the remarkable sites of modern history? Want to see the most incredible “monuments” left for the next generations to experience what wars, imprisonment and ecological catastrophes look like?

Then start the prison museum tour, or the notorious Auschwitz (or Oswiencim), where thousands of people were killed, or the wander about the Exclusion Zone left after the Chornobyl Disaster.

And be aware, after visiting all these sites, you will never be the same again…

Famous Prisons
Learn more about the most famous prison museums all over the world. Check out their highlights and location.

Ghost Towns
Get to know about ghost towns around the globe. Consider the information about the most famous ghost towns and touring them.

Unusual Museums
Our world is full of discoveries. The offered list of unusual museums will show you how different the discovery can be!

Chornobyl Tour
Consider the information about one of the most exotic modern destination - Chornobyl and Prypiat, towns near the Chornobyl Nuclear Station. Check out the tips for visitors of the Exclusion Zone.
Oswiecim or Auschwitz
Get the information about tour to Oswiecim or Auschwitz. Find out what you may observe there and the fees.