Check out information on US mystery spots and gravity hills to visit and experience. Consider their locations.
Mystery Spots and Gravity Hills
Mystery Spots and Gravity Hills

Mystery Spot (Santa Cruz, Ca)
It was discovered in the 1940s. This site on Branciforte Drive in Santa Cruz just might be the most well-known "mystery spot" in the U.S. The visitors walk through the "Mystery Shack" that stands on this spot and are demonstrated the many weird effects that seem to take place there. Here you may see balls rolling uphill, brooms standing on end at odd angles, people's heights changing as they walk about, among other weird effects of perspective and gravity. In the area even the trees do not stand straight. And actually some guests may feel faint within the shack.

Spook Hill (Lake Wales, Fl)
This stretch of road off Hwy. 27, located between Orlando and Tampa, is said to have gravity-defying effects on cars. There is even a sign on the roadside explaining its legend.

Long ago, an Indian village on Lake Wales was plagued by raids of a huge gator. Their chief, a great warrior, killed the gator in a battle. And the chief was buried on the north side. The road was paved, but the cars still coasted uphill. And the legend goes asking - is this the gator seeking revenge, or the chief still trying to protect his land?

Obviously the story is local folklore but drivers do attest that when they stop their cars at a certain spot and shift their transmissions into neutral, the cars do seem to roll up the incline of the road.

Mystery Spot (St. Ignace, Mi)
This mystery spot in Michigan's upper peninsula also features an old shack situated on a sharply sloped landscape. Here balls and water appear to defy gravity by moving uphill and people seem to be able to stand at impossible angles.

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