Check out information on US mystery spots and gravity hills to visit and experience. Consider their locations.
Gravity Hills and Spots
Gravity Hills and Spots

Mystery Hill (Marblehead, Ohio)
Guests say that you can feel perfectly okay standing in one spot, then just a few inches away feel totally strange. And here water as well seemingly flows uphill, a pendulum swings only to the south and people appear to change height right before your eyes.

Oregon Vortex (Gold Hill, Or)
Here you may experience kind of magnetic vortex - a spherical field of force, half above the ground and half below - is said to be responsible for the peculiar effects experienced at this site's House of Mystery. Visitors cannot stand erect anywhere within the vortex, but are always inclined toward magnetic north. Perversions in perceived perspective are also affected, giving the impression, in some spots, that as a person approaches you he or she becomes shorter.
Also there are other weird effects.

Gravity Hill (Bedford County, Pa)
Here gravity goes haywire, as says one article about this hill near New Paris, Pa. There is a "GH" spray-painted on the road that tells you when you've found the spot where you can stop your car, shift it into neutral, then sit in amazement as it seems to slowly begin to roll uphill. But if you're still in doubt, you can do as other experimenters have done and pour water on the road - and watch as it flows uphill.

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