Learn more about abandoned destinations in Taiwan. Check out information about the ghost resort San Zhi and amusement park Katoli World there.
San Zhi and Katoli World, Taiwan
San Zhi and Katoli World, Taiwan

San Zhi

Another place is an abandoned City in the North of Taiwan. This futuristic pod village was initially built as a luxury vacation retreat for the rich, though after numerous fatal accidents during construction, production was halted. Lack of money and lack of willingness meant that work was stopped permanently, and the alien like structures remain as if in remembrance of those lost. In fact, rumors in the surrounding area suggest that the City is now haunted by the ghosts of those who died.

The whole thing received the cover-up treatment. The government that commissioned the site in the first place was keen to keep itself away from the bizarre happenings; that’s why there are no named architects. This project may never be restarted thanks to the growing legend, and there would be no value in re-developing the area for other purpose.

Katoli World

An abandoned amusement park is a usual occurrence in Asia, one can find many of them that have been left to rust. And Katoli World is just one of them, though one that was forced to close for something other than financial loss.

Katoli World is located in the Dakeng Scenic area just outside of Taichung, Taiwan. Founded in the mid eighties, it had moderate success as one of the few theme parks on the island of Taiwan to host two rollercoasters. It was closed after a massive earthquake on September 21st, 1999. Many people were killed during the quake but nobody inside the park as it struck after opening hours. Great areas of the park were destroyed and it was forced to close. This place was once vivid with young laughter; now it is slowly turning to rust.