Visiting an abandoned city or just a house is an experience that you may never forget. Here is the list of deserted places to feel abandoned.
To Feel Abandoned
abandoned placesWitnessing an abandoned city, or building, or any other place which earlier was crowded with people, is one of the most surreal things to observe.

The ghost towns are common among the Americas. There are around 6,000 abandoned sites of settlement in Kansas only. And what can cause such large-scale loss of population? Among the main factors is depleting natural resources, linking to roads and railways bypassing certain places. A more ominous cause can be disaster, whether natural or man-made.

Here you may read about abandoned places all over the globe.
Balestrino, Italy
Here you may find out more about the abandoned village in Italy - Balestrino; its history and left attractions.
Bodie, California
Read here about the ghost town Bodie in California. Get to know more about the history of its rise and decay.
Centralia, PA, USA
Learn here about the legendary ghost city in Pennsylvania, US - Centralia. Find out why the inhabitants left the once vibrant city.
Craco, Italy
Check out information about the town of Craco, Italy. Get to know more about its location and landmarks.
Gunkanjima and Yashima, Japan
Look through the information about ghost island Gunkanjima and abandoned plateau Yashima located in Japan.
Pripyat, Ukraine
Consider the information about an abandoned city in the Zone of alienation in Ukraine. Learn more about Pripyat, the city that still holds the legacy of the Soviet times.
San Zhi and Katoli World, Taiwan
Learn more about abandoned destinations in Taiwan. Check out information about the ghost resort San Zhi and amusement park Katoli World there.
Varosha, Cyprus
Get to know more about ghost city in Cyprus - Varosha. Learn about the history of its decline.