Here you may find information about the places on Earth worth seeing and admiring. Enjoy the world’s most incredible and fantastic places!
Places to Feel

Why people travel? To relax? To get away from the routine life? To see new people and places? Or to feel new? Perhaps all the above mentioned. But where to go? Choose the top popular destinations? Or head to the places hidden and secluded where you will be left tête-à-tête with the ancient civilization relicts or majestic nature masterpieces? The world is full of mystery and magic if you want that.

And though you may choose to travel to a place crowded with tourists you may find there something special and feel absolutely different.
To Feel Abandoned
Visiting an abandoned city or just a house is an experience that you may never forget. Here is the list of deserted places to feel abandoned.

To Feel Mysterious Gravity
Find out more and places where you can experience unusual gravity. Get to know the most renowned mysterious gravity spots in USA.

To Feel Small
Consider information about the most enormous sightseeing spots all over the world. Get to know where to go to feel really small.