Consider the information about Sphinx and the theories of its origin. Head for a tour to Egypt and find out the explanation of this ancient mystery.
The Sphinx
The Sphinx

sphinx-mysteryBecause of the relatively recent discoveries the Sphinx has become the object of some considerable fascination for those who accept the new evidence.

It was considered that the Sphinx was erected 4,500 years ago.

Recently some scientists remarked that the erosion on the body of the Sphinx seemed to have been caused by water with evidences that it was indeed weathering caused by rainfall. And this is rather important since there has been no rain at Giza for at least 9,000 years.

And there is no recorded history in Egypt of anyone building the Sphinx.

Some foundations have been backing seismic research to determine if there are any underground pockets (possible vaults) around the Sphinx, as some consider that the Sphinx was a time marker built by peoples from Atlantis. Some scientists found ancient cures for incurable diseases through access to what they referred to an astral library with a separate book on each person, and their past lives. And they also claim that a vault was placed underground between the paws of the Sphinx containing knowledge that would indicate a golden age of man. There are several pockets discovered, but permission to dig has been withheld. Also water in tunnels under the Sphinx has been also discovered. However the contents seem to date to the Egyptian period.

Some specialists really state that the age of the Sphinx might indeed date back 12,000+ years, back to the date of the last ice age, as the Sphinx's body has been almost covered with sand.

Sphinx’s head seems to be out of proportion with the rest of the body. Probably, the original head was recarved - removing material, as the process occurred - to give us the head we see today.