Here you may find out more about mysterious spheres located in the valley of the Rio Terraba, Costa Rica.
Costa Rica Mysterious Spheres
Costa Rica Mysterious Spheres
In 1502 Christopher Columbus landed in Costa Rica on his fourth voyage to the New World. There was no recorded history of the people who lived there prior to that time. Since then archaeologists have learned much about Costa Rica’s pre-Colombian residents, but many mysteries remain.

Those spheres are stone balls made of granite, varying in size from about the size of an orange to giant balls measuring more than six feet in diameter and weighing 16 tons. All the spheres are perfectly round to within two centimeters.

Many spheres have been found along river beds and in ancient cemetery sites in the valley of the Río Térraba, located in the southwest portion of Costa Rica, and on Caño Island, nine miles off the Pacific coast. Several spheres were found at locations more than fifty miles from the nearest site from which they could have been quarried. These spheres have not been found anywhere else in the world.

The questions like: who created these strange spheres, what was their significance to their creators, how did they make them so perfectly round and transport them so far from the source of the stone are still left unanswered.

Though some archaeologists think they were created by the Chibcha, an ancient war-like people who used prisoners as slaves and human sacrifices and built fortified towns in the region of Costa Rica where the spheres have been found.