Know more about one of the greatest lost civilizations of the world - Atlantis. Find out where the experts suppose it was located and head for the search!
lost-civilizationsThere are many legends about Atlantis, the submerged continent and there had been many people that had in vain searched for it, trying in that way to reveal a great mystery, the mystery of its disappearance. Many scientists and historians talked about Atlantis, but for someone this name is only a indistinct recollection, perhaps because they had hear it during their childhood or from the medias. But what actually people know about Atlantis? It is said to be an island set beyond the Pillars of  Hercules and that it’s mentioned by Plato and, before him, by Solon and Dionysus of Miletus who became aware of the island due to some tables preserved in Egypt, in Sais’ temple, and now lost; the transcription of these tables would be preserved also in the great Alexandria’s library, centre of the classical knowledge, but there is no trace of it remained today.
The legend goes as there was an island set in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, but others tell that it was located in Antarctica or identify it with the island of Santorini, in the Aegean Sea, submerged by a cataclysm around 1450 B.C.

Numerous people considered this story as a story of fantasy, mistakenly ascribing it only symbolic or esoteric meanings.

Such people believe in something only seen or touched by them. Nevertheless it wouldn’t be the first time that, with a new discovery, the history is rewritten. For instance when in 1871 the archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann discovered the traces of the mythical Troy, regarded as a legend described by Homer.
Plato writes about Atlantis like a very wide island, whose the Azores’ archipelago may be the last trace.

He writes that at that time people could cross that sea (the Atlantic Ocean) as in front of the Pillars of Hercules (the Straits of Gibraltar), there was an island. Plato said that that island was larger than Libya and Asia and people could go to the other islands from the island and actually to the continent on the other side, around the real sea. He also writes about Atlantis powerful king who dominated all the island and many other islands and part of the continent, also from Libya to Egypt and from Europe to Tirrenia. He also describes after a one-day and night earthquake and a deluge Atlantis submerged by the sea, disappeared.

A great civilization was there on the island, with no trace left and knowledge lost. Another and actually one of the main is the reason why this mighty conquering, master of the world, disappeared in only one night. Surely it was a tremendous cataclysm. Probably it was the eruption of a sub oceanic volcano, or the impact of an asteroid with the Earth or a seaquake caused by a moving of the Earth’s axis. There is also a suggestion that long ago there were two moons gravitating around our planet; one of them may be attracted by the Earth till it felled on it, giving end to an era. Actually the existing moon also slowly approaches to the Earth. Today there is no reason to worry about it, but within hundreds of years it may happen the same. About 12000 years ago a great civilization is considered to disappear. And today and as many years ago people are still searching the ruins of Atlantis to find out what was the cause of its disappearance.